AXFOX01 Unauthorized Cash Withdrawal 1 Hour Ago

There was an unauthorized access and withdrawal of funds from this machine. The last service technician at the machine was Steve Johansen. The last item vended was at 3:34PM Yestarday.

AXROC01 Spontaneous Combustion Notice 2 Hour Ago

The machine at Axeda Rochester has spontaneously combusted.

Philbert Philberts is missing. 33 Days Ago

Machine restocker Philbert Philberts has been missing since he went to restock the AXFOX01 machine.

UMD01 Restocked by Jim Jimson 2 Days Ago

I put some more Jujyfruits in the machine. I also put some more Charleston Chews in.

AXFOX51 Restocked by Philbert Philberts 34 Days Ago

I put some more Jellybellies in the machine. I also removed the unpopular HealthySnacks that were in the top row and replaced them with Baked Lays.

NYC01 needs a new MDB Board 7 Days Ago

Just arrived at the NYC01 machine. It needs a new MDB board this one is fried. The machine must have gotten hit the by the lightning storms that passed over the region last night. I will call the board order in ASAP.

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